Benefits Of Home Insurance

Benefits Of Home Insurance

The construction of a home involves a lot of money, emotions, and time. The great pleasure lies in the lively abode where our loved ones spend precious and adorable moments. We get connected to each and everything in the home. 

We all want to secure the symbol of beautiful memories and achievements against natural calamities and man-made reasons. The only shield to safeguard your dream is to buy a home insurance policy.

Subscribing to a comprehensive home insurance policy provides you complete coverage against financial liabilities arising due to man-made and natural calamities. Some extra coverage in the policy can provide you protection against theft, burglary, fire, vandalism too.

Home insurance policy

A home insurance policy is a contract between an insurance-providing company and a homeowner/policyholder, where the policyholders pay an agreed amount as a premium, while the insurer pays compensation for loss caused to your home due to natural disasters or man-made hazards. 

Home insurance is provided by general insurance companies. The policy can have various sections such

Standard Fire and special peril

This policy provides coverage against damages caused due to natural calamities like fire, lightning, earthquake, floods, storm, and man-made activities like strikes, vandalism, riots, or any loss due to malicious intent.

Home Structure and building 

This policy covers the structure of your house against all types of risks. It includes permanent fixtures and fittings too.

Public Liability Coverage

Such a home insurance policy covers damage caused to any third party/guest inside the insured home.

Theft and Burglary

The policy covers the loss if any theft or burglary happens and valuable items are stolen in the insured house.

Contents Insurance

Such type of home insurance policy safeguards the goods such as TV, refrigerator, jewelry, etc inside your home from loss due to theft, fire, flood, or any sort of mishap.

Benefits Of Home Insurance

In a nutshell, a comprehensive home insurance package not only covers your home including precious belongings but also an accident and third-party liability against all types of man-made issues and natural disasters. Based on the policy you opted for, it also covers the rent expenses in case you shift to another house as your insured house has been damaged due to any reason listed in your policy.

Best Home insurance plans and companies 

• SBI General Long Term Home Insurance Plan

• HDFC Ergo Home Shield Plan

• New India Insurance Griha Suvidha Plan

• Oriental General House Holder Insurance Plan

• Royal Sundaram Gruh Suraksha Plan

Benefits of Home Insurance

Shield for your precious belongings & dream home

Home insurance policy with add ons provides extensive insurance coverage safeguarding your home garage, shed, fence, and home contents like furniture, electronics, etc.

Replacement facility

Home insurance provides you total financial security based on your policy. You can even get your product replaced.


Buying home insurance is not very expensive. The premium paid in this is less if you compare it with the amount of safety you get after home insurance.


Peace of mind

In the present time, having a peaceful mind is the ultimate luxury. A beautifully designed and well-equipped home is the creation of your hard-earned money. The fear of losing it due to any reason is a nightmare. The only way to attain peace is to buy insurance for your property and belongings.


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