Will Lulzim Basha create a new party? Pampuri: The agony will not be long...

will a new pampuri party create prosperity, the agony will not be long
will a new pampuri party create prosperity, the agony will not be long

Oriola Pampuri, one of the democratic deputies, who lines up with Lulzim Basha, while commenting on the latest developments in the opposition camp, fully supports the decision to appeal to the Supreme Court of the decision given by the Appeal, which passed the seal and logo of the DP of Reestablishment led by Sali Berisha.

In an interview for Euronews Albania, Pampuri says that the legal path will be followed to gain their right, adding that they are also working to get the opinion of all branch managers in the districts regarding the steps that will be taken.

"Without question, we will take well-thought-out, well-calculated steps in cooperation with all those who have supported us until today. They are the heads of branches in all regions of Albania, their voice should be heard, because in the end, every new initiative is taken with their support, we cannot go anywhere alone. it belongs to one group or the other, it just doesn't work, it's just hypocrisy and dirty play.

We will only go by the word of that group with which we walked today, that group is very large, it is the structures of the party that have remained until today, there are people who have contributed and the continuous meetings have been precisely with the structures of Democratic Party. The rest, we will undoubtedly appeal the decision. We will go to the end to demand our right and we will have an alternative for Albanians. The agony will not last long", said Pampuri.

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