Accident in Dimal, the SUV hits the tricycle and takes it off the road. The driver ends up in the hospital

An accident happened this evening on the Berat-Dimal national axis, about 500 meters from the Rotondo of Dimal. A vehicle, Fuoristradë type, with license plate AB 381 BK, traveling from Berat towards Dimal hit a "Tricycle" vehicle from behind, which was traveling in the same direction as it. As a result of the strong collision, the tricycle went off the road.

The driver of the tricycle was slightly injured in this accident and was transported by ambulance to the Regional Hospital of Berat. Officials of the traffic police have gone to the scene, who are also conducting the inspection of the accident site, in order to conclude on its causes.

Police sources at the scene confirm in advance that the lack of lighting on the road as well as the lack of rear signage of the tricycle also contributed to the accident.

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