"Altin Çoku tried to burn a child"/ The suicide of the 27-year-old, Lala reveals details: He asked her to delete the photo, she justified herself that...

Journalist Klodiana Lala, invited to the studio of "Open" on News24, has revealed details about the suicide of a 27-year-old woman after sharing a photo of her on the social network "TikTok".

Lala said that the victim was the mother of a minor child and was previously married to a citizen from Kosovo, but due to problems in the relationship, she returned to her family in Albania.

She discovered that in difficult economic conditions, the victim's mother cleaned apartments, including that of Altin Çok, who is suspected of having pushed the 27-year-old towards suicide.

According to her, the mother asked the 27-year-old to help clean the apartment of Çok, who when he took the photo with the victim, justified himself by saying that it was his friends who published the photo on the social network "TikTok".

The victim asked the 39-year-old to delete the photo, which did not happen and pushed the latter to climb to the fourth floor of the apartment in a difficult psychological moment and jump, dying as a result of his injuries.

Lala revealed that Altin Çoku, known to a certain audience on "TikTok" has previous criminal records as he was suspected of murder and tried to burn a small child to blackmail an ex-partner of his.

She also explained that Çoku widely expressed on social networks that even if he were to be arrested, he would not serve prison time because he is sick.

"The 27-year-old is the mother of a child, she was married to an Albanian from Kosovo, but due to problems she returned to her family in Albania. Economically unable, her mother cleaned the house of the suspected author of her suicide. He said that even if he is arrested, they cannot keep him for more than 3 days because he is sick.

The girl's mother asked him to help her clean Altin Çok's apartment. She was paid only 10 old lek for cleaning, which she could not even get. The moment he took the photo he shared it with his friends and it ended up on TikTok. The woman asked him to remove it because it was creating problems not only with her family, but also with her husband she had earlier.

He said that he did not throw it, but his friends. In a psychologically difficult moment, the girl went up to the fourth floor of an apartment where they were, saying she was going to smoke a cigarette. She left her phone where all the communications were found, and then jumped from the height, dying as a result of her injuries.

Altin Çoku was suspected of murder, tried to burn a small child to blackmail his ex-partner not to separate. The child in this case had a family relationship with the partner in question", she said.

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