I had a meeting with the British counterpart, Cleverly: We will raise the cooperation with Britain to another level

At the end of the official meetings in Great Britain, Interior Minister Taulant Balla met with his British counterpart James Cleverly.

Balla declared to the media after the meeting that the Albanian community living on the Island is and will remain a strong connecting bridge between the two peoples and the authorities in the two countries will not tolerate any denigration towards them.

The Albanian Minister of the Interior added that the parties have recognized and appreciated the work and results of the Albanian Police, against organized crime and illegal migration, reducing up to 90% that towards Britain. He promised that this cooperation will know new rhythms.

"We will raise to another level the cooperation in the field of internal affairs with Great Britain, the fight against organized crime and any other type of criminality, this is the goal that we will continue to share between our two police officers, information about the fight against crime. It is very important that Albania is considered as an important partner country. The work done by the Albanian side has given concrete results that are fully accepted by all the British authorities. I was very clear in the conversation I had with the Secretary of State for Internal Affairs, Mr. Cleverly and with the Minister for Migration Mr. Jenerick that the Albanian community here in Great Britain is a bridge of good and strategic relations between Albania and Great Britain. We are very clear and do not tolerate any derogatory statement towards the Albanian community in Great Britain, while we will continue to strengthen cooperation in the fight against the involvement of Albanian citizens in criminal activities", underlined Balla.

He also spoke about a proposal and the readiness of our side, which he expressed to his British counterparts.

"We will continue to expand this cooperation in function of a regional focus and approach now. The experience gained with Albania should be shared with other countries, where Albania is ready to take a leading role in this regional approach", emphasized Balla.

The two ministers Balla and Cleverly signed in London, two important documents for the deepening of this cooperation: the Common Position in Internal Affairs as well as the Memorandum on the assistance of Great Britain in the field of forensic science.

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