EU: Great risk of terrorist attacks for Christmas

there is a great risk of terrorist attacks for Christmas
there is a great risk of terrorist attacks for Christmas

22:03 05/12/2023

Vigilance is increasing due to the radicalism of violent Islamic perpetrators

On Christmas Eve, there is "the great risk of terrorist attacks in the European Union."

The alarm was given by the Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, who underlined that the social polarization caused by the Israel-Hamas war is increasing the risk of violence.

Her comments came days after a tourist was stabbed to death in Paris.

The EU is making available an additional fund of 30 million euros to increase the level of the supplement, said Ms. Johansson. She did not specify whether she had any concrete information to issue this warning.

"We saw it in the last few days in Paris, unfortunately we have seen it before,” she added ahead of a meeting of EU interior ministers.

A similar warning came from German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, who told reporters that the EU needed to keep a close eye on threats and propaganda, as there was a "high risk of further emotionalisation and radicalization of violent Islamist perpetrators".

Many European countries are grappling with a rise in hate crimes since Hamas militants attacked Israeli communities on October 7, killing around 1200 people.

EU ministers were meeting after a deadly attack near the Eiffel Tower on Saturday in which a 23-year-old German tourist named Collin B was stabbed to death and his partner and a British tourist were injured.

Police said the 26-year-old French suspect, identified as Armand R, who comes from a non-religious Iranian family, is loyal to the radical Islamic State group.

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