Berisha reacts after the merger of two groups in PD: 43 MPs gathered together at the party's headquarters and made it a reality...

Sali Berisha did not have the chance to be physically present at the meeting of the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party for the first time after two years at the headquarters of this party.

From the window of his apartment where he is under the security measure of "house arrest", Berisha said that 43 deputies of the Democratic Party made the wish of 700 thousand Albanians a reality.

Excerpt from the response:

You are true heroes because the opposition seems impossible when traffickers, murderers, hostage-takers, rapists, in a word, the Stink Alliance, horrified by the opposition's zero tolerance against organized crime, poured tens and hundreds of millions of euros against it.
The opposition seems impossible when the biggest media, fallen into the government's cradle, a real criminal organization from morning to night, censor, manipulate the news about the opposition, demonize it, continue the old slanderous tune of Edi Rama that it is to blame Saliu and blame the opposition for the crimes and sins of the government. Dear friends, you are true heroes because the opposition seems impossible when the narco-government, in order to establish control over you, took hostage its leaders, people whom you trusted for ten years in a row. You are true heroes because the opposition becomes almost impossible when the narco-government corrupts the highest intelligence officials, ambassadors and diplomats to strike and destroy the country's opposition and consolidate Edi Rama's crime power. You are the heroes of the opposition in Albania, Europe and the world.
There is nowhere like you today. You are the real heroes because the opposition becomes almost impossible when the political justice arrests the leader of the opposition, when the narco-state courts steal the symbols of the opposition party. You are true heroes because the opposition seems impossible when the parliament denies the deputies every right given by the Constitution and the will of the sovereign. For all this, many of you have faced tremendous pressures. You may rightly have shed tears, not only for the injustices towards you and the opposition, but shed tears for our beloved Albania. There are tears in the eyes of the Democrats, but they are and will be tears of joy, because the opposition is united.
Dear friends, in the history of the DP, the Albanian opposition, but also Albania and the nation, as far as the DP, the main opposition force of the country is today the only hope of the Albanians, today after a 1-year joint battle, but also after clashes and sometimes strong opposition, 43 DP MPs, from the opposition coalition, gathered together under the direction of the chairman of the parliamentary group at the party's headquarters and made the wish of about 700 Albanians who voted on April 25 for PD come true. and its coalition.

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