DASH global alert for Americans: Take extra care

dash global alert for Americans show extra care

dash global alert for Americans show extra care

19:20 19/10/2023

The US Department of State advised this Thursday all Americans around the world to be extra careful, due to growing tensions in various countries around the globe, the possibility of terrorist attacks, demonstrations or violent actions against American citizens and their interests. .

According to what he writes CNN, issuing this worldwide warning is a significant message amid protests that have erupted across the Middle East in response to the Israel-Hamas war, with many demonstrators targeting US diplomatic facilities.

Last week, the State Department raised the alert for travel to Lebanon and Israel to the highest level and authorized US government personnel (except for emergency personnel), along with their family members, to leave these countries. places.

The last time DASH issued such an alert was in August 2022, after the assassination of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, warning that supporters of the terrorist organization could retaliate by targeting US institutions, personnel or citizens./tvklan.al

dash global alert for Americans show extra care

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