"Some terrorists may have left the monastery", the editor-in-chief of KosovaPress: It is suspected that the aggressors are mercenaries, they are involved in...

The editor-in-chief of KosovaPress, Ideal Gola, through a direct communication in the News24 studio, stated that the situation in the north of Kosovo continues to remain tense.

Gola said that there are still unverified reports that some of the terrorists in Banjska have broken away from the group that is hiding in the monastery, taking advantage of the area's mountainous terrain.

According to him, it is also suspected that these people have previously participated in armed conflicts due to their use of weapons and activity against the police.

Based on this indication, he added that they could be military mercenaries, adding that the situation is not expected to calm down soon.

"The situation continues to be tense in Banjska of Leposavič after the exchange of fire between the armed group and the Kosovo police.

Some of the terrorists in the Banjska monastery have been killed, while there are reports that some of them may have separated from them, but it is believed that they are still in the territory of Kosovo.

These persons are suspected of having previously participated in an armed conflict. They may be mercenaries who have participated in another war, considering their use of military equipment and activity against the police.

"The situation is not expected to calm down soon, while Vučić's speech is not expected to have any impact either, as this attack is the result of his propaganda," he said.

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