The boy lost his entire family in the devastating earthquake in Morocco, Real Madrid's gesture

After the devastating earthquake in Morocco that left more than 2 thousand people dead, Real Madrid made a grand gesture. The Madrid club found 14-year-old Abdul Rahim Awhida and brought him to Spain to integrate him into the academy of young players. Awhida became famous after giving a television interview while wearing a Real Madrid shirt, briefly talking about what happened after the earthquake.

In the video that broke the hearts of many people around the world, Awhida is seen wiping away tears with Real's jersey, where in the tragedy that happened in Morocco he lost five family members, his father, mother, two brothers and grandfather.
Real Madrid immediately contacted the television in question (Al Arabiya) asking for information about him, where they managed to contact the boy's uncle and bring him to Spain.

Abdul looked very worried during the interview, where he said he wants to fulfill his father's dream of becoming a teacher or a doctor. This opportunity has now been given to him by Real Madrid, who will allow the youngster to become part of their academy in order to play football, while at the same time offering their support in his progression as a student.


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