"There will be a wave of return", Ben Blushi talks about the departure of Albanians: They have two options, vote or run away

Writer Ben Blushi says in the "Open" studio on News 24, that he believes there will be a second wave of immigrants returning.

Excerpts from the discussions:

Blush: According to you, in 100 people, whether Albanians, Americans, Argentines, Russians. Does it matter where they live or how they live? How do they answer? Even in living in France, Argentina or Guatemala better than in Albania, they live in these countries. 1 million Albanians fled after the fall of communism, as each of the neighboring countries, although poor, were richer than us.

Arion Sulo: Now we have a terrible second wave…

Blush: What is happening is serious, but not fatal. I say there will be a second wave, comeback. Europe is no longer like it was in the 90s. The difference with Europe is not very big. We live much better than in the 90s. The main question that man asks himself to live here or there. You have seen how patriotic nationalism has grown, which I say is not bad. Most of them are outside. These are normal people.

Sulo: The question is whether they are forced to flee…

Blush: They are not forced to flee. You think that 500 years in Turkey, 50 years in communism and you think that we will be governed like the Netherlands? It matters how you live and not where you live. Albanians have two opportunities that they did not have 30 years ago. They can go and vote.

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