The two oldest candidates ever in the race for the elections, what is expected from the presidential debate Biden-Trump?

the two oldest candidates ever in the race for the elections, what is expected from the biden trump presidential debate


The two oldest candidates ever to run for the presidency of the United States will meet face-to-face on June 27 in a televised debate like no other.


One accuses his rival of being a danger to democracy, the other accuses his opponent of being corrupt.

US President Joe Biden, 81, and former US President Donald Trump, 78, are in a tight race, according to opinion polls, with less than five months left until the November 5 election. .

Many voters are undecided, and are waiting to see the debate, which is expected to be watched in record numbers, more because of the dramatic moments than because of the policy discussions between the Democratic president and his Republican challenger.

Willingness to perform the function

Both candidates may face questions about whether they are physically and mentally fit to serve as president.

Trump claims that Biden does not have the physical or mental ability to carry out this mandate, while Biden calls his predecessor "turbid" and dangerous to democratic norms.

Democrats often cite Trump's role in the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the US Congress by his supporters and other attempts to overturn the 2020 election results, as well as his May 30 conviction, when a court found him guilty of 34 point in the case in which Trump is accused of buying the silence of a porn star before the 2016 presidential election.

Biden's mental and physical condition is the key topic that has carried him through this time, and has been speculated about on many fronts, as the current president seeks a second term.

Critics have said his pace is slowing down, citing his occasional crashes as an example. Allies, on the other hand, claim that he is in the best shape.

Trump has often mocked Biden in the marches he has organized, saying that he is not able to hold the position of president.

The president's age raises dilemmas for many other voters, including Democrats.

Trump has not exactly faced the same criticism, but he has surprised many of his supporters, when he sometimes mixed up names, or when he mistakenly identified Biden with the former American president, Barack Obama.

Temperament test

Both candidates are known for hot blood, and little patience.

They are known for owning the stage, each in their own way. Both have been in charge of the White House.

"There's a lot of grudges in between," said Tevi Troy, a former official in the George W. Bush administration who helped the Republican president prepare for the 2004 debate against Democrat John Kerry.

Biden repeatedly interrupted Trump in the first face-to-face debate in 2020, and as a result Trump's performance was rated as poor.

This time, Trump may try to ratchet up the tension on Biden by mentioning the legal battles of his son, Hunter, who has been convicted on charges of lying about drug abuse and illegal gun possession.

Joe Biden is trained to avoid these comments, but viewers will be keen to notice if there is a mood swing.

Trump should be careful, too, not to take a bullying and condescending approach.

"It can't be aggressive to the point of sounding rude," said veteran Republican debater Brett O'Donnell.

Both Biden and Trump can be unpredictable.

Trump has refused to participate in the initial Republican debates in the race to win the nomination, but that decision has not hurt him at all, since he won his party's race with considerable ease.

Biden, likewise, has not been on the debate stage in almost four years.

Risk of misinformation

Trump is known for spreading false information and exaggerations, which forces many lawyers to verify the statements he makes.

Biden, too, has been known to make some fairy tale-style statements.

Troy believes that the limited time is one of the factors that pushes the contestants to try to get the most out of themselves, in the shortest period of time.

According to him, fact-checking is a job for campaign aides and media organizations.

Narratives that push forward

Biden is expected to tend to count on Trump's conviction in New York.

O'Donnell has said that this is not a good idea, as it would strengthen Trump's narrative that Biden is involved in the allegations against Trump, and that the latter is a victim of persecution.

The Biden campaign has spent $50 million in advertising campaigns in recent weeks to spread the news of Trump's conviction.

For Trump, the danger lies in the statements he can make, which are in line with Biden's argument that the former president poses a threat to democratic norms.

Trump, for example, has suggested enlisting the US Department of Justice to target political enemies.

"Trump should have a presidential approach," said Aaron Kall, an expert at the University of Michigan, on presidential debates.

Trump will also tend to complain, as often happens on social networks, that there are groups working against him, and presenting himself as the victim of a political conspiracy.

But undecided voters don't care about these things, O'Donnell said.

"People are not interested in the candidate's problems, they are interested in their own problems."

Political experts have said candidates should discuss issues related to living conditions - such as fruit and vegetable prices - to show they are close to voters.

Biden has been trying to address the economic aspect for several months, but polls show that voters trust Trump a little more when it comes to managing the economy.

Brad Bannon, a Democrat, has said that Biden should recognize that some voters are still in a difficult position.

"He needs to step up his efforts and acknowledge that some consumers still have problems with high gas and grocery prices," Bannon said.

He has said that Biden shows enough empathy. "But he should do more."

Debate without an audience

There will be no audience in the debate hall. This could be problematic for both candidates, but especially for Trump, who takes heart from the screaming crowds.

Candidates may feel lost, as they will not know in real time how the audience is reacting, Kall said.

However, the fact that they won't have supporters nearby will probably make them focus more on content and less on criticism.

Another risk for Trump: CNN has said one candidate's microphone will be muted to prevent interruptions while the other is speaking.

Trump is able to even raise his voice, despite the microphone being stopped.

As a former talk show star, Trump has long experience in the studio, while Biden is used to giving speeches from the White House without an audience.

CNN has said Trump will be the last to speak at the debate.

In the coin toss, Biden's team has won in determining the place and put the current president on the right side of the viewer's screen.

Trump's campaign has since demanded that he have the final say in the debate.

Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. failed to participate in the debate as he did not meet CNN's criteria in time.

CNN has said that only Biden and Trump met the criteria on time.

Among the conditions was that the candidates have at least 15 percent support in four political polls at the national level.REL


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