"Skënderbej" square is electrified by DJ Sven Väth, "Korça" beer, the exclusive Albanian beer of the event


"Skënderbej" square in the capital has been turned into a big music scene for days, which culminated on Saturday, with the well-known DJ Sven Väth, maestro of rhythms and a true legend of the electronic music scene.

For decades, he has pushed the boundaries of electronic music and left an incomparable mark on the industry.

And where there are big events and parties, "Korça" beer cannot be missing, the exclusive Albanian beer of the event. Hundreds of citizens had fun under the sound of music and the wonderful taste of "Korça" beer, accompanying the consumer in big parties, as a 100% Albanian product.

"Korça" beer gives charm to the holidays and gathers around the stand young people who consume the quality beer preferred by everyone.

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