NAMES/ Suspects of several charges, 3 members of a criminal group are arrested in Shkodër

The police of Shkodra have arrested 3 members of a criminal group, who are suspected of burning 4 vehicles, stealing 4 in apartments in Vaun e Dejës and 2 thefts in apartments in Shkodra.

We are also working on the capture of 2 others, already identified by the Police.

Police notification:

These citizens, suspected perpetrators of: burning of 4 vehicles, 4 thefts in apartments in Vaun e Dejës and 2 thefts in apartments in Shkodër.

As a result of a genuine investigative work, carried out intensively by the services of the Vau i Deja Police Station, with the aim of clarifying several criminal events that include the burning of several vehicles and the theft of sums of money and personal belongings, in 6 apartments in Vau of Deja and in Shkodër, carried out during the last year, the coded police operation "Polynomy" has been organized and finalized.

As part of the operation, citizens RG, 24 years old, and GD, 24 years old, both serving as soldiers in the Infantry Division, resident in Vaun e Dejës, as well as citizen FJ, 34 years old, resident in Shkodër, were arrested. Also, citizens AN, 24 years old and KD, 24 years old, both residents of Shkodër, were identified and declared wanted.

The investigations revealed that these citizens, organized as a group, are suspected of having committed the following criminal events:
- on 18.11.2022, they burned 3 vehicles in a vehicle service, while on 10.01.2023, they burned 1 vehicle in the village of Kaçë;
- during the period September-November 2023, they stole sums of money and personal belongings, in 6 apartments, in Vaun e Dejës and in Shkodër.

As material evidence, a vehicle suspected to have been used by these citizens to go to the scene was seized.

The work for the capture of the 2 wanted citizens continues intensively, as well as in cooperation with the Shkodra Prosecutor's Office, investigations are being carried out to reveal and legally prove other criminal events against property and wealth that these citizens may have committed.

The procedural materials were passed to the Prosecution at the Court of First Instance of the Shkodra General Jurisdiction, for further actions.

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