NAME/ Accused of false expertise and abuse of duty, who is the forensics expert arrested by AMP

the name is accused of false expertise and dereliction of duty, who is the forensics expert arrested by amp

Forensic expert Fatmir Balaj was arrested by AMP for false expertise and abuse of office.

Fatmir Balaj


AMP executes the Court's decision for a police officer suspected of "Abuse of duty" and "False expertise"

The Police Supervision Agency (Tirana Region), after the investigations conducted under the direction of the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction Korçë, has executed the measure of personal security "Arrest in prison", decided by the Court of First Instance of Jurisdiction of General Korçë, to the police officer, K/Commissar FB, 49 years old, with the duty of Criminalistic Specialist in the Computer Examinations Sector at the Scientific Police Institute, suspected of committing the criminal offenses of "Abuse of duty" and "False expertise".

The determination of the security measure has become possible after the conducted investigations have provided evidence and facts that this police officer, using the organic function, has hidden, alienated and replaced computer devices (USB), object of computer expertise, which will served as the main scientific evidence in the documentation with legal evidence of the criminal activity of a private entity, criminally prosecuted for the criminal offenses "Computer Fraud", through the Forex platform (call center).


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