Estonia: Ready to close the border with Russia

22:22 29/11/2023

Estonia said on Wednesday that it is "ready" to close its border with Russia, following Finland's decision to do so.

Estonian Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna said the situation at the border of Finland, which has faced a large wave of undocumented migrants in recent weeks, is "a blatant hybrid attack by Russia".

Finland closes border with Russia because of immigrants

According to the Estonian Foreign Ministry, Tsahkna emphasized that the Baltic state "is ready to close the border with Russia and defend itself against any hybrid attack".

Estonia, a former Soviet republic, is now a major supporter of Ukraine in its fight against the Russian occupier.

"This is another proof that Russia is not only fighting Ukraine, but it poses a threat to other countries with its hybrid attacks," said Tsahkna, referring to the situation in Finland, during the meeting of Baltic and Nordic ministers in Brussels.

The Estonian government said in a press release that the ministers stressed during the meeting that they are ready to help Helsinki, if necessary.

On Tuesday, Finland announced that it had closed its border with Russia, with which it shares a 1.340-kilometer border.

The Finnish and Estonian borders with Russia are external borders of the European Union and NATO./REL

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