"Europe must face competition from China" - German Minister: Laziness is not an alternative! EU must show more unity!

Europe has to face the competition from China, German minister laziness, six alternatives, it should show more unity

The EU needs to show more unity. It is the only way for Europeans to survive in international competition, emphasized the Minister of Economy, Robert Habeck, during his visit to China.


According to Germany's Vice Chancellor, Robert Habeck, EU countries must join forces to be able to compete with China. In both South Korea and China, he faced the term "competition, in its harshest sense," the Green politician said Sunday, at the end of his four-day East Asian trip to Hangzhou, China.

"Laziness is not an alternative"

"I think we have to face this competition. Even in Germany they talk about competition. So neglect, laziness, bad mood are not alternatives", emphasized Robert Habeck. However, he warned against going to extremes, cooperation is also necessary. To cooperate means not to see others as adversaries or as enemies, but rather to develop mutual understanding and strengthen each other." Habeck warned at the same time that the world is preparing for competition.

"My opinion is that the big nations, with which we as Europeans have to measure ourselves, actually have a very precise plan of where they want to be in 10, 20, 30 years and also make available the means, from the financial resources to the energetic foreign policy of foreign trade, to impose this plan.

Europe as a global political actor

He also warned: "And this plan that Europe has is not enough." A new era must begin for Europe and its countries, in which they become aware of this competition and draw conclusions, Habeck said. The European level must be built as a global political actor. Debates such as those taking place in Germany and Europe are important. However, we must be attentive to "what is really happening here from a geopolitical point of view".

Asked for his opinion on the debate over next year's German federal budget, Habeck said: "But these trips have an added value, at least in the sense that you can absorb the perspectives of other countries and at best to define impulses for a cooperation policy. I hope and believe that this trip has been able to contribute a little to that," Habeck summed up.

Climate policy is only possible with China

During his visit to China, the German Economy Minister and Vice Chancellor also addressed climate change and the risks associated with it. At the end of his trip, Habeck emphasized that global climate goals can only be achieved with China. Currently, limiting global warming appears to be overshadowed by other issues, the Green politician said. "But without China it would not be possible to achieve global climate goals."

Therefore, it is important to strengthen cooperation with the People's Republic in this field. In the conversations he had, it was explained to him that China is building coal-fired power plants mainly for reasons of energy security. Therefore, China needs a safe alternative to coal. China doesn't need to be told that CO2 emissions are bad for the climate. He understood this./DW

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