"Felaj didn't give a damn about others", Berisha: How did Ermonela free her husband from the bandits, tell me, Pandeli? Ulsi, your days are numbered, prison awaits you!

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha from the floor of the Assembly has been harsh with some representatives of the majority.

"Where do Felaj leave you for others? They take it all for themselves. Say 'no' if you want ladies. You also have voters. You better tell her not to touch her family. When her husband was taken hostage on the Vajgorore Bridge, because he was going to free the bandits, she went and freed him herself. Today her husband is a prosecutor. Or not Pandeli. Speak, Pandeli. This is where Ulsiu came. whose days are numbered. Here is Rama's bodyguard. There is no Taulant Begoyarsin because he is dealing with the biography of the policemen. His name is encrochat. Where is ay o Lowness? That they fought for each other's post. You will also go there. Your days are numbered. Do whatever you want, it's over. Missi's covid-i, is to say missis mortja. You stole. You stole with Edi Rama, so you have immunity," said Berisha.

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