Strength Albania! Do red and black "Furita" for one night!

the strength of Albania makes a red and black frenzy for one night

The evening in Düsseldorf is a meeting with history for Albania, which today can cross the limits of itself with a possible qualification for the direct elimination stage of the European.


It may seem impossible for the Reds and Blacks to beat Spain, the strongest European team so far, but football also knows surprises, such as the qualification of Albania in a "hell group" with world champions and runners-up. For a single evening in history, the "Red Furies" (as the Iberians are known) on the blue field may not be Spain, but Silvinho's sons. The "Red Furies" could become the "Red and Black Furies" for 90 minutes, getting that golden 3-pointer that would prolong the German dream for a few more days.

The "terrain" of today's match slightly favors our National Team in this challenge. The safe first place for Spain, the absence of a phenomenal player like Rodri (disqualified), or even the possible preservation of talents like Niko Williams and Jamal for the games that come after, will definitely have an impact on the Düsseldorf challenge.

The Reds, on the other hand, have shown that they can strike at any moment, as they did with Italy and Croatia. Miracles in football happen, the Reds and Blacks can do one with the first victory in history against Spain and the transition to the European group. Forca Albania, today "Furit" are red and black!




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