The GJK rejected the DP's request, Zhupa reacts: The next step, SPAK! The court put a lid on her political capture

The judge threw down the request of pd, zhupa reacts, the next step is until the court put a lid on her political capture
The judge threw down the request of pd, zhupa reacts, the next step is until the court put a lid on her political capture

Democratic deputy Ina Zhupa reacted after the decision of the Constitutional Court to reject the DP's request for the repeal of the law on the administration of Butrint.

Zhupa said that the GJK today "put a lid on its political capture, even the unscrupulous service of government affairs, even when they are in direct conflict with the constitution, the public interest, the national interest, the protection of identity and cultural heritage." .

While listing some of the violations that she claims the CJK has committed, Zhupa emphasized that the next step in this case will be the SPAK Special Prosecutor's Office.

Full reaction:

The Constitutional Court today put the lid on its political capture, even the unscrupulous service of government affairs, even when they openly contradict the constitution, the public interest, the national interest, the protection of identity and cultural heritage.

UNESCO overturns the concession, makes a report that the government hides and the Court approves, that it knows the Paris convention better than UNESCO.

The judges who voted against Butrint will have in their conscience the greatest shame of all constitutional trials. Because it was not about a concession that snatched some money, as has usually happened in Albania, but a concession that snatched our history, identity, heritage, culture, roots. Only from November 30 onwards, AADF has opened several tenders worth hundreds of thousands of euros, apparently having it in the Court's pocket.

In pure conflict of interest, caught "red-handed" in violation of the constitutional trial procedures, they closed a trial in the government service after a year of process full of violations.

I recall today only some of the violations of the constitutional process:

– Not removing the 3 judges we asked for removal, who were clearly biased and did not guarantee a proper judicial process. Starting with the president who excused himself for the violations that came "from fatigue" "from sessions with extended hours", while they could come from her ambitions for a mandate in Strasbourg, supported by the government. From Gent Ibrahimi with open friendly relations and cooperation with two CEOs of AADF, Martin Mata and Aleksandër Sarapuli. To Sandër Beci, who voted, we did not receive the letter from the Council of Ministers so that the Prime Minister's appointment would not be spoiled.
- They started the process of judicial debate and submissions without yet implementing their interim decision where the KM side had to bring all the documents from UNESCO. He never received a document informing UNESCO of the new type of private foundation or of its approval in the new form. A judicial body that accepted as evidence a piece of paper emails have been lost in which the government mocked their authority.
- He set a deadline until November 30 to receive a report that the Council of Ministers has but has not submitted. He accepted as evidence an email at 11 at night between the CM and our ambassador to UNESCO, who said that the report of February 2024 has not yet been released, while we requested the report of the mission of October 2022 and it is found in the offices of the Albanian government according to UNESCO. For this we received the official answer that the UNESCO report is hidden by the government. UNESCO against the concession and the Constitutional Court turns a blind eye.
– A judicial process that was overlooked the stage of administration of evidence by not being carried out as the regulation says but by forgetting and taking it for granted that there was nothing new according to them.
- A judicial process where those documents that do not carry the obligatory formal elements to be used officially in the Republic of Albania and cannot be used before any Court in Albania, even less before the Constitutional Court, were accepted as judicial materials, in the conditions when: i) The letter is not officially translated into the Albanian language (the signature and stamp of an English language translator officially recognized by the Albanian institutions is missing); (ii) The letter is not notarized (in order to prove the authenticity of the translation and the signature of the translators themselves), as well as (iii) The document is not legalized (it lacks the Apostille stamp).
– A process with interested parties twice the minister Elva Margariti, once part of the subject Council of Ministers, as minister and once part of the subject FMB as chairman of the board and co-founder. Eliminate the concept of "equality of arms"
– A process where they refused to include AADF which is the subject of the concession when they openly and publicly admit that they are its recipients and were in every parliamentary committee. They hid their tracks when everyone saw the wolf.
- A judicial body that considers the custom law, made by the kitchens of lobbying and clientelism, constitutional cannot be considered as independent and impartial.

Despite the violations that we documented with letters and requests throughout the trial, we continued the process until the end.
I did not withdraw from the request because there were 18 articles of the constitution violated and the constitutional court today could not find any!!!
I did not withdraw because there were 4 violated conventions and the court could not see any!!!
I did not retreat because I will go to the end of the battle and continue.

The next step is SPAK!

Of course, the constitutional process will also be part of the trial of abuse of office and corruption.

At the end of this constitutional process and at the opening of a new stage of the confrontation against the concession of Butrint, I want to express my thanks:

- 35 MPs, my opposition colleagues who signed this request with their trust and support for me.
– Franci Nuri lawyers. Agron Alibali.
- Public voices in defense such as Auron Tare, Apollon Baçe, Neritan Ceka, Ilda Mara, Beti Njuma, Elida Miraj, Kreshnik Merxhani, Gjerak Karaiskaj, Andi Tepelena, Lavdosh Ferruni and many others.
- The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, who returned by decree Law 50/2022
- To the lawyer Bledar Dervishaj for the justification of the return of the law to the assembly.
- People's Advocate, Mrs. Erinda Ballanca for Amicus Curiae in favor of Butrint
- High State Control Mr. Arben Shehu for written submissions in favor of Butrint.
- Alliance for the Protection of Butrint, for the raised voice and organized protests led by Aulon Kalaja, Sazan Guri, Arber Kola, Altin Goxhaj and hundreds of others.
- To the journalists who took us to every battle in the assembly, in the headquarters, in the presidency, in the constitutional court, tirelessly and always ready.

The battle continues... Long live Butrinti, Down with Maskareinj.

Butrinti will win at any cost, we have a duty to our children and our ancestors.

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