Hackers from Sudan attack social network X: Our message must reach Elon Musk, we ask…

A hacker group called Anonymous Sudan has attacked social network X, formerly known as Twitter, taking it offline in several countries around the world this morning.

According to their message this act was an attempt to pressure Elon Musk to launch his Starlink service in their country.

"Get our message to Elon Musk: 'Open Starlink in Sudan,'" the hackers posted on Telegram.

During several weeks of private conversations with the group on the Telegram chat app, the BBC spoke to the hackers about their methods and motives.

A member of the group, who calls himself Crush, told the BBC that Tuesday's attack flooded X's servers with massive amounts of traffic to take it offline – the same open and relatively unsophisticated hacking techniques for which band is known.

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