The Netherlands, the first for solar energy per capita in the EU

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15:57 24/09/2023

Second Germany, they have 190 sunny days a year

When it comes to solar power per capita, Europe's long-time leader, Germany, is no longer top of the list. For the second year in a row, the Netherlands ranks first, achieving a remarkable output of more than 1000 watts per capita in 2022, 28% more than in 2021.

The average installed solar power in Germany increased to 816 watts per inhabitant, an increase of 13% compared to 2021.

Denmark ranks third with 675 watts per capita, leaving behind Belgium, which now stands at 663 watts per capita in fourth place.

Apart from Luxembourg, at 629 watts per capita, all of the other top 10 EU markets for controlling solar capacity per capita are below 600 watts per capita.

Our neighbor Greece is ranked 7th and has a progressive growth both due to the government's supportive policies, subsidizing solar panels for families, and the favorable climate with nearly 300 sunny days per year.

Even Albania has the same average of 300 sunny days per year, which favors the increase of energy production capacities within a short time, in case of installation of photovoltaic energy production plants.

What stands out is the fact that the countries of northern Europe, such as the Netherlands and Germany, which hold the first place in the production of solar energy per inhabitant, have an average of 190 sunny days per year.

In 2022, the largest solar energy market in the Netherlands came from solar panels installed on building terraces, with an output of 46% or about 1.8 GigaWat of the total energy produced in the country by the sun.

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