The Dutch, vaccine tourism in Germany

Dutch vaccine tourism in Germany
Dutch vaccine tourism in Germany

21:20 29/12/2021

They do not prefer to receive antiCovid doses in their country because of long queues

In the Netherlands, getting a booster dose quickly can be difficult due to the many requests from citizens. Therefore, many of them decide to go to a German vaccination center in cities near the border.

The Dutch are angered by this long wait and in the conditions when they want to do tourism, they are looking to inject their bodies with a vaccine that would allow them to travel freely.

And the solution seems to have been found by the thousands of citizens who flocked to Germany in recent weeks to be vaccinated. The Dutch health authorities currently advise citizens not to be vaccinated abroad, as difficulties may be caused in the official recognition of vaccines.

"You have to go there, show your passport and fill in the documents. And then you can get vaccinated", explains a citizen.

However, the potential difficulties of recognizing the vaccines are not stopping the Dutch, who are rushing to get the third dose as a significant number of them want to travel to Austria.

And if they have not received a third dose, upon arrival in the country they will be immediately quarantined.

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