"Imagine if Israel did not exist today", Ben Blushi for "The Conspiracy": What would Albania be if there were no Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy?

Ben Blushi, invited to the studio of the show "Open" in News24, spoke extensively about his newest book called "Conspiracy".

Referring to the main character of the book, Blushi raised several questions. Among them are what would have happened today in the world if Israel did not excite as a state. He further revealed that according to the "Conspiracy" character, if Israel were not a state, there would be no conflict.

So he stopped at communist Albania, where he raised the question of "What would Albania be if there were no Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy?".

"I write what I think, the only purpose when I write is to enjoy myself. When I write, I don't think I'm killing some idols that Albanians have at home. A character of mine has these thoughts and happens to be a communist Jew. Because of this thought, the Jews, or Hebrews, were a people without a state. But they have given the world a lot of culture and it has helped Europe. After being discriminated against a lot in Europe

The Jews of Frankfurt did not allow mass marriages. They had no right to own property or houses. Nazism was born out of hatred of Jews. The Jews tried to build a state, Israel today. Who is the biggest conflict in the world today? Imagine if Israel did not exist today.

I want to stop at communist Albania. If Nazism was not so strong, communism in the east would not be what it was. What would Albania be if there were no Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. If a country that owes us is Germany. If it wasn't for Israel, there would be no conflict, says my character," said Blushi.


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