Incidents in Kosovo/ Rama's proposal to hold a peace conference, Shehu: It endangers everything achieved so far!

The deputy of the Democratic Party, Tritan Shehu, has reacted to the request of Prime Minister Edi Rama for the convening of an extraordinary peace conference, regarding the situation that is happening in Kosovo.

According to Shehu, this conference risks questioning the decision of the International Court.

Rama makes serious mistakes even today!
His demand for the meeting of an "Extraordinary Peace Conference" endangers everything achieved so far!
It risks questioning the decision of the International Court!
Such an action is in line with Serbia's attempts to change the reality, starting everything from the "zero" point.
This is especially true for the territorial integrity of Kosovo.
After the failure of the attempts for "territorial exchanges" and for the "Open Balkans", i.e. the New Yugoslavia, such an initiative would be another "debacle" for Serbia and its goals.
What should be done is the clear condemnation of the aggressor, i.e. the ultranationalist circles of Serbia, as a source of instability and this dangerous escalation.
Implementation of the Ohrid Agreement as the latest.
This should also be requested from our partners!


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