"We have a national team for the next 10 years", Silvinjo happy even after the elimination: We could have conceded 5 goals, we are proud that no one has embarrassed us

we have a national team for the next 10 years, Silvinho is happy, even after the elimination we could score 5 goals, we are proud that no one has embarrassed us

The coach of the National Team, Silvinjo, spoke to the media after the match against Spain, which decreed the elimination of Albania. He analyzed the performance of the team in this tournament and stated that he would not change anything in this team, which according to him had done its best.


"I am proud, for my players, for the decision. It's the second time we play in this competition, I've said it before. I am really happy for the country, the federation, all the fans. I lived in Tirana, I am the first coach who lived in Tirana for a year and a half, I discovered many good players and I agree with you that people can assume that Italy could score 3 goals, Croatia 3-4 and Spain 5 goals. But we appreciated the work we did, not only did we do tactical work but we also had confidence. We believed that we can compete against the three big teams, against the teams that go to the semi-finals and the final. Spain very good players, fast, who can hit and score goals. We have seen transitions of the game, videos of them. They are fast and have players who reach the goal very quickly, they have technical skills, they are fast. They are a team that can defend very well, they have a perfect line of four defenders, they close very well. play in transition. It is a team that is really ready to win anything. I think he is one of the favorites to win this competition.

The draw was more difficult, a difficult group, we were not used to playing in these competitions. So we have had a significant number of young players who are very promising. I hope they will be in the national team for the next 10 years. We have a consolidated team. I spent many sleepless nights, but I dreamed of these moments, how to score against Croatia, organized Italy or Spain, which is great. We spent hours without sleep but it was worth it because we managed to compete, we were dignified on the field and we have no regrets. Our country is proud of us, we must get used to such competitions, play at high levels, we must improve.

I want to rest a little, as we have been working for many months without interruption. Croatia and Spain gave me big headaches, like Italy. I represent a country that could have conceded 3-4 5 goals against these opponents, but it didn't happen and we are proud.

It seemed unimaginable that Albania would be in this competition at the beginning of 2023. The aim is to play in big events and improve, reach a higher level, try to learn and go further. There are things we can improve, we know how we can play, we have clear goals. We have the right players for this long, we have work to do and it is not easy. Everyone wants to play and be part of the team, that's our goal. We have the right material for this, we must try to take the next step.

As a coach, I have to say that I would not change the experience of facing these rivals. There was no pressure of the game against Italy, Croatia, Spain, there was no such pressure, the players gave everything they could on the field, they will remember it all their lives. When they go out on the field again, they will have it as a valuable experience for them. It is important for the players and it should be taken into account that no one has embarrassed us. The players knew they had to sacrifice to play at the right level and they have given very good responses on the pitch. I wouldn't change a thing.

Broja and Hoxha earlier? We made the substitutions we had to make, it's very difficult to play against Spain who are fantastic with great players. That's why we planned them with counterattacks, we had to make the transition. The team has played with increased confidence this way, this is how we have qualified. We all played a very good game. they played as they were supposed to and they played well. I want to thank the fans, who supported us during the loss, the draw and at the end of tonight. There were teenagers who have never seen Albania play in Europe and it was a great pride for them. It is a golden experience and we played a difficult match.

I have played and worked with clubs and national teams, national teams bring you closer to countries. This is a big responsibility, normally I don't sleep well because of this responsibility. I could have come here and lost by many goals, but we are happy with the results and what we have achieved so far", said Silvinjo to the media.


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