This is the thickness of the snow in Maskullore, even high vehicles get stuck (Photo)

this is the thickness of the debora in the masculine, even the high photo tools get stuck

Yesterday, in the area of ​​Mashkullora, due to the heavy snow, two vehicles (jeeps) were blocked in an attempt to cross in the direction of Korça.

The intense rains on the top of the mountain for two days now have increased the thickness of the snow to over 60 cm, causing residents to encounter traffic problems. According to information from residents, one of the jeeps slipped in the snow while the other could not penetrate, causing both vehicles to remain in the middle of the snow.

Both vehicles were filled with passengers (family members), but they managed to escape without being injured and returned to the village of Panarit. Today, two firemen went to the field and made it possible to unblock the vehicles and the road.

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