"Conspiracy"/ "People are afraid of what I wrote", Ben Blushi: I am not against foreigners coming to Albania, but...

Ben Blushi invited to the studio of the show "Open" in News24, talked about his latest book called "Conspiracy".

One of the main topics covered in the book is that of immigration, where Blushi stated that he is not against foreigners coming to Albania, adding that if the minority becomes a majority, it would be fatal. Among other things, Blushi said that people are "afraid" of his work.

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Excerpt from the interview:

What is this book?

Blush: It is a novel, fiction that has elements of today's Albania and I hope it does not have elements of tomorrow's Albania. This is not what I wish, but I do not rule out the possibility that Albania will be full of foreigners. We cannot become a European country without going through this spiral, that we have emigrated and they can replace us.

I am not racist by nature. It is racist to say that they will come to borrow and exploit us. Were Italians and Greeks racist? I am not against foreigners coming to Albania, but the minority becoming the majority would be fatal. If there were more foreigners than us, it would be fatal.

It is characterized as a political treaty, a political platform, do you agree with these?

Blush: Not at all, it's a figment of my imagination. I have no political instrument to influence the future, I am a writer. Democracy in Europe is not working as it used to. The same thing is happening in Albania. Europe has a difficult relationship with immigration. Governments are changed because of immigration. The debate of the day is about immigration. See how Europe is changing because of immigration.

Why did the plot open debates?

Blush: People are afraid of what I wrote. Wherever you go in Albania... I was in Korça a few days ago and they told me that 'we are only old people here'. I say that people do not read it as a political book, but as a novel.

Are the forecasts bleak?

Why are they gloomy? They are realities.


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