"Back to Berlin", traces of the holocaust in a film about the father's suitcase

When his father dies, Bobby Lax discovers a suitcase of letters and photographs that tell the story of his family who lost their lives in the holocaust. Together with his German friend, Manuel, who has just discovered that his paternal uncle is a director of infamous Nazi films, they head to Berlin to discover their past.

This is the essence of the film "Back to Berlin" that closes the 18th edition of the International Film Festival for Human Rights.

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"It was an opportunity to face my family's history. My father has passed with silence. The movie has an interesting twist because I learn that my friend's family has been with the executioners. The past of our families has been a discovery for both of us. The film brings our journey, to learn more and the relationship between us that changes, together with the crises we have", said the director Bobi Lax.

Showing everywhere the history of the family, which until yesterday was the silence of the father, has not been easy, although there are reasons.

"The film has a global message. The most important part of it is that in the film the meeting of the two sides of the conflict, to see how we can leave the conflict behind, how we can find harmony, despite the terrible things that have happened. My message is dialogue, so we can talk. It has been challenging for me, first to know if I have the right to do this, because my father had hidden the suitcase while I took it to the museum in Berlin", said Bobi Lax.

This year's theme of the festival was impunity.

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