"The return of all Israeli hostages is now impossible"

the return of all Israeli hostages is now impossible
the return of all Israeli hostages is now impossible

23:21 05/12/2023

Prime Minister Netanyahu clashes with family members, guerrilla warfare begins in the streets of Khan Younis

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has waged war on many fronts, most recently with the families of hostages still in Gaza. The Israeli media (Times of Israel) quoted Netanyahu on Tuesday that for now "There is no way to return all the hostages home. Can anyone imagine that if this was an option, it would be rejected?" a statement incited the anger of many people.

The prime minister's statement was made during a meeting with released hostages and family members of those still held hostage in Gaza. According to Israeli public broadcaster Kan, Netanyahu also told the crowd: "Hamas has demands that even you wouldn't accept."

And Hamas officially said that there will be no negotiations or exchange of prisoners until the aggression against the people of Gaza is stopped.

"It is clear that Prime Minister Netanyahu does not care about the Israeli prisoners in Gaza, nor their families, nor their lives."

It is clear that under these conditions Prime Minister Netanyahu has chosen war. His army is now fighting in the center of Khan Younis, the enclave's southern flagship. Injured Palestinians filled the emergency room of Al Nasser hospital where they went by any means possible after an Israeli airstrike on the Ma'en school.

The hospital is overwhelmed by the high number of victims, many of them children, who are being treated on the emergency floor as there are no beds left. At least 43 people were killed since Tuesday morning, while the total number of victims reached 16 thousand. The fighting is taking place street by street of Khan Younis. Here Palestinian Islamic Jihad released videos of guerrilla fighting.

Covered in dust, wounded sisters Lana and Maria Abu Safi were rushed to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital on Tuesday, following an Israeli attack on a farm near Deir al-Balah in Central Gaza.

6-year-old Lana said she told the man who took her to the hospital that she is very hungry and thirsty and wanted to see her mother and sisters.

Gazans are leaving the town of Khan Younis and heading to the south of the enclave, Rafah, seeking safety from Israeli attacks. On Monday, Israel ordered civilians to leave further south.

On both sides of the road in al-Ma'asi area, in Rafah, tents were erected in the last two months for Gazans displaced by the Israeli offensive. Now dozens of families live in a remote area where there are no services or shops to provide their basic needs.

In the occupied West Bank the situation continues to boil. Here the funeral of two young men, 23-year-old Anas Al Faroukh and 22-year-old Mohamed Al Faroukh. Both Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces during clashes in the city of Sair.

Violence has escalated in the occupied West Bank in parallel with Israel's eight-week war against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces raided the West Bank city of Jenin on Tuesday afternoon. The Palestinian Red Crescent said 5 people were injured during the raid.

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