"The tower after TKOB, distraction from the incinerator", Tedi Blushi: Rama walks with the motto '1 palace, 1 vote'

the tower after tkob, posting of attention from the incinerator tedi blushi rama walks with the motto 1 palace 1 vote
the tower after tkob, posting of attention from the incinerator tedi blushi rama walks with the motto 1 palace 1 vote

The General Secretary of the Freedom Party, Tedi Blushi, invited to the column "opinion" IN News24, spoke about the seizure of Tirana's incinerator by SPAK and the construction of the tower behind TOKB.

Blushi said that the tower in the center of Tirana is a diversion of attention from the incinerator affair, as he added that Prime Minister Edi Rama is walking with the motto '1 palace, 1 vote'.

"The PL has made an extraordinary contribution to clarifying this affair. It is an affair of great proportions. For more than two years, all documents related to the incinerator have been deposited in SPAK. The real owner is not Zoto or Mërtiri, but Rama, Veliaj and Engjëll Agaçi. The latter are responsible and the initiators of this affair. In our estimation, these are the real owners of the incinerators, as they are the ones who have benefited.

Regarding the sequestration, it is good news, although delayed, but it should not be emphasized that the affair continues. More important at the moment are the taxes of the citizens who are being wasted, who are still paying for a service that is not performed. Veliaj has given his approval for the incinerator without the approval of the Municipal Council. The total damage is 1 billion euros, i.e. 4-5 times more than what has been published. Veliaj should be taken as a defendant. There is no Albanian who believes that this criminal affair was put into operation by Arben Ahmetaj. This affair could not be set in motion without Rama's decision-making, and this has been confirmed by Ahmetaj. This is also proven by the documents," said Blushi.

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So he stopped at the political relations with the Democratic Party, where he stated that they continue to be united because of common causes in the interest of Albanians.

"Regarding the relationship with DP, I want to say that there is no cooling of relations between PL and the opposition. We and the DP are united by causes and for as long as we are loyal to them. The cooperation is excellent. We are at the forefront of this battle and we have given all the contribution to the affair of the incinerators. DP is on the same line to denounce this affair. I don't want any kind of opposition appointed by Edi Rama or self-proclaimed, since the citizens are clear that PL is a party whose leadership is neither captured nor bought. We have several criteria in cooperation, the first is not to be Rama's tool. Regarding the hostage-taking of the DP seal, there is no Albanian who does not know, as all the democrats are clear. In September, PL and Reestablishment will continue with its cooperation", said the General Secretary of PL.

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