LATEST NEWS/ Flares and fire in the Assembly, BKH employees closely monitor the hall of plenary sessions

Today's parliamentary session has once again turned into an arena for throwing firebrands by the opposition MPs, as the next year's draft budget was on the agenda. 

But unlike other sessions, one of the flares exploded on the MPs' table, causing microphones and several other items to go up in flames. 

At the end of the session, after the MPs of the majority and the opposition left the Parliament, BKH employees arrived and began to closely examine the scene. 

The news was confirmed for Balkanweb by journalist Osman Stafa, who said that "BKH specialists have arrived at the hall of plenary sessions to take a close look at this room after there were flames and fire in today's session. Just like in an earlier session, BKH specialists are in the Assembly, as it is considered a place of events for them".

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