Born the year the Titanic sank, 111-year-old Englishman: My longevity is just a matter of luck

born in the year the titanic sunk 111 year old english my lifespan is just a matter of luck
born in the year the titanic sunk 111 year old english my lifespan is just a matter of luck

A 111-year-old from England is now the world's oldest man, who said the secret to his longevity is just pure luck.

John Alfred Tinniswood was born in Liverpool on August 26, 1912 - the same year the Titanic sank - and is a great-grandfather who currently lives in a nursing home in Southport, where staff describe him as "a big box talkative".

"Tinniswood's exact age is 111 years 223 days as of April 5," according to Guinness World Records.

It was initially expected to be the new record holder, 112-year-old Gisaburo Sonobe from Japan, but it was recently confirmed that he had passed away on March 31.

Despite his advanced age, Tinniswood can still carry out most daily tasks independently – he gets out of bed without help, listens to the radio to keep up with the news and still manages his finances.

On the secret of his longevity, the record holder told Guinness World Records that "it's pure luck".

"You either live long or you live short, and there's not much you can do about it," he added.

Beyond eating a fish and chips every Friday, Tinniswood said he doesn't follow any particular diet.

“I eat what they give me and so does everyone else. I don't have a special diet," he said.

"If you drink too much or eat too much or walk too much, if you do too much of anything, you will suffer," he added.

Tinniswood lived through both world wars and is the world's oldest surviving male veteran of World War II, as he worked in an administrative role for the Army Pay Corps.

Tinniswood met his wife, Blodwen, at a dance in Liverpool and the couple spent 44 years together before Blodwen died in 1986.

After becoming the UK's oldest man in 2020, Tinniswood is unfazed by his new status.

"There is no difference for me. Not at all. I accept it as it is," he said.

Giving advice to the younger generations, he said "always do your best, whether you're teaching something or teaching someone. Give it all you've got. Otherwise, it's not worth worrying about."

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