LIVE CROATIA-ITALY/ From zero to hero, Modric misses the penalty and 1 minute later gives the advantage to the Croatians (VIDEO)

live Croatia, Italy from zero to Hero Modric misses the penalty and 1 minute later gives the advantage to the Croatians video

Croatia will face Italy in Leipzig, a valuable meeting for Group B of the European Championship 2024.


Croatia comes from two not very positive results in this match, a loss with Spain 3-0 and a draw with Albania 2-2.

Croats must win in order to get the points needed to qualify from the group. Today they will enter the field with the best team to defeat the defending champions.

Italy comes somewhat calmer in this match, but even they do not have the qualification assured. "Axurre" have managed to collect only 3 points in two matches and come from a defeat against Spain.

A draw would be enough for Luciano Spalletti's men to get through the group, and continue their dream of defending the title.



55′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL CROATIA! After losing the penalty, Modric manages to score and gives his team the advantage. (VIDEO)

54' Modric makes a fatal mistake and misses the penalty, Donaruma saves wonderfully. (VIDEO)

52′ Penalty for Croatia, Fratezi touches the ball with his hand in the area and gives the Croatians a great opportunity to take the lead. (VIDEO)

50′ The Croatians have control of the ball in these first minutes, they intend to take the advantage.

46' The teams start the game with one substitution each, Pelegrini comes on for Italy and Fratezi comes on, while Pashalic comes on for Croatia and Budimir comes on.

46' The second half starts.

45+' Closes the first half in Leipzig, total balance.

45′ The referee grants 1 extra minute

42′ Many duels in the midfield, the teams do not know how to break money.

39′ The pace of the game seems to have decreased significantly.

36' Pelegrini tries a shot at the limits of the area but it goes central in the hands of the goalkeeper Livakovic.

35' Quiet minutes, we still don't have an attempt to take the advantage from each team.

29' Croats wake up now, try to create dangerous actions.

26' Barela crosses for Bastoni in the area, the latter hits with his head and goalkeeper Livakovic makes a decisive save, leaving the goal intact. (VIDEO)

25' A long ball is sent to Retegui and the Croatian goalkeeper Livakovic is forced to leave the area and clear the ball with his feet.

21' Kalafjori crosses from the left wing and finds Retegui in the area, the latter hits with his head but the ball touches Guardiol and goes to the corner kick. (VIDEO)

17′ Sučič tries to cross from the right side but is blocked by Kalafjori and goes into the hands of Donaruma.

11' Dimarco crosses at half-height from the left wing and finds Pellegrin, who heads but wide.

7' Di Lorenzo takes the right wing and tries to pass for Retegui in the area, but Sutalo sends him away for a corner kick.

5′ Sučič tries a shot from a distance with the ball that takes the direction of the left triangle of the goal, but there goes Donaruma who deflects it into a corner kick. (VIDEO)

3' Croatia circulates the ball, the teams are still studying each other in these first minutes.

1′ The match starts in Leipzig.


CROATIA (4-3-3): Livakovic; Stanisic, Sutalo, Pongracic, Guardiol; Modric, Brozovic, Kovacic; Sučič, Kramarič, Pasalić | Coach: Zlatko Dalic

ITALY (4-2-3-1): Donaruma; Darmian, Kalfiori, Bastoni, Di Lorenzo; Zhorzhinjo, Barella; Dimarco, Pellegrini, Raspadori; Retegui | Coach: Luciano Spalletti



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