LIVE ALBANIA-SPAIN/ The Reds are not stopping the actions! Asllani shoots, but does not find the goal

live Albania, Spain, Red and Black are not stopping the actions, Asllani shoots but does not find the goal

Albania-Spain will undoubtedly be a historic match for Albanian football. The Reds play today in Düsseldorf a unique opportunity to advance to the knockout stage of Euro 2024, in a group where few thought they would have such a chance in the last game.


The victory helps Albania and secures the passage, since with the draw, it would be very difficult to continue in this tournament. And it certainly won't be easy, even though Spain have decided to rest some of their stars after securing qualification and first place in the group.

It is noticeable that coach Silvinjo has made only one change compared to the formation that faced Croatia, benching Hysaj to make room for Balli on the right side of the defense.

Meanwhile, in Spain coach De La Fuente has made 10 changes compared to the match against Italy, fielding his second choices. The only player who has survived in the formation is the defender Laport.

13′ Ferran Torres


86' A deep ball is almost controlled by Broja, but Vivian clears the ball.

84' Olmo leaves the playing field, making way for Baena.

83' Hoxha finds the space to shoot from the left, but misses everything with his attempt. (VIDEO)

82' Muçi takes Asan's place on the field.

79' After a corner kick, Morata shoots with his head, but it hits the crossbar.

79' Olmo appears dangerously in the area, but his shot is stopped by Balliu.

78' Berisha shoots from outside the area, the ball deflects and goes into the hands of Raja. (VIDEO)

77' Quick action by the Reds and Blacks on the left wing, Broja finds Asllan who fires a diagonal shot with his left, not finding the square.

76' Hoxha starts to the left, but fails to follow for Broja.

76' Morata is stopped by Strakosha, but is then flagged for offside.

72' Morata and Jamal enter the field instead of Torres and Hoselu.

70' M. Berisha and Hoxha enter the field instead of Bajram and Laçi.

69' Asani from the left tries to find the goal with a Tokazi shot, Raja is in position. (VIDEO)

66' Bajrami starts on the left wing, but falls after a contact. The referee penalizes him for simulation.

64' Asllani shoots from outside the area, the ball is deflected for a corner.

63' Asllani executes a quick free kick, Broja in the center shoots but finds Raja's response. (VIDEO)

62' Ojarzabal leaves the field for Fermin Lopez in Spain.

59' Broja's moment comes, the striker takes Manaj's place.

55' Bajrami tries to dribble in the opponent's area, he is stopped by Omo turning back. (VIDEO)

54' Now Spain is circulating the ball calmly in the background, managing the minutes.

49' The Reds finally develop a long action near the opponent's area, but a shot by Asllani is blocked by the defense and then the arc towards Manaj leaves Le Normand.

47' Grimaldo from the left gives a perfect arc in the center for Joselu, who luckily misses the square by taking the ball out next to the post. (VIDEO)

46' The second half starts with a substitution for Spain, where Le Normand takes Laport's place in defense.

45'+1' The first half ends with Spain leading 1-0.

45'+1' Hoselu appears on the left, his shot goes wide. (VIDEO)

45' 1 extra minute is given.

45' Asllani from outside the area launches a projectile that Raja controls with difficulty in two times. (VIDEO)

44' Merino receives a good pass in the area where he is forgotten alone. but his shot luckily misses the goal. (VIDEO)

43' Olmo tries with his heel in the center of the area, Ajeti clears the ball in the corner.

41' Grimaldo's cross from the left, the ball is hit by Torres with his head but goes over the crossbar. (VIDEO)

38' Raja makes a mistake in putting the ball back, hits Laport but the ball returns to his hand.

37' Following the corner, Strakosha punches briefly, bringing the ball to Olmo, who shoots immediately, but misses the goal. (VIDEO)

36' Mitaj makes a mistake in clearing the ball, the ball goes to Olmo in the area and only the intervention of Laçi avoids a shot at the goal. (VIDEO)

35' Ferran Torres passes from the right to the second post, Balliu clears the ball in the corner.

33' Arching from the right in the area for Hoselu, Ajeti clears the area in front of Strakosha, not without difficulty. (VIDEO)

30' Asani tries to cross the area from a distance, but takes the ball directly to the end.

26' After the development of a corner, Strakosha with difficulty removes the sphere in front of his square. (VIDEO)

24' Asllani starts Bajram on the left, the attacking winger is late and Vivian takes the ball off his feet.

21' Olmo tries from the right with a strong shot, the sphere does not find the square of Strakosha. (VIDEO)

17' Spain takes complete control of the ball, as the Iberians are now moving more calmly, managing the minutes well.

13' The first carelessness of the defense costs dearly. Olmo starts Ferran Torres who escapes the offside position and shoots towards the goal scoring the advantage goal. (VIDEO)

11' Immediately another Spanish header, this time with Joselu who shoots over the crossbar.

11' Crossing by Navas in the area, Merino shoots with his head but finds the answer of Strakosha, while Ajeti then sends it away in the corner.

8' Navas crosses into the area, Ajet clears the area with his head.

5' The Reds and Blacks insist on the left wing with the duo Bajrami-Asllani, who in the end win a corner.

3' Grimaldo attacks from the left, his cross at the second post finds Mita, who heads away the danger from the red and black zone.

2' Bajrami crosses from the left into the area, none of the red and black attackers manage to shoot towards the Spanish goal. (VIDEO)

1' The duel starts in Düsseldorf.


ALBANIA: Strakosha, Balliu, Ayeti, Gjimshiti, Mitaj, Ramadani, Asllani, Laçi, Asani, Bajrami, Manaj.
Coach: Silvinho

Spain: Raja, Hesus Navas, Vivian, Laport, Grimaldo; Zubimendi, Mikel Merino; Ferran Torres, Dani Olmo, Ojarzabal, Hoselu.
Coach: Luis De La Fuente


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