Lucio Dalla, the singer's villas on the Tremiti Islands for sale (PHOTO)

lucio dalla singer's villas in the Tremiti Islands for sale photo

Among the many places that have inspired an unforgettable and unforgettable artist like Lucio Dalla, it is certainly the Tremiti Islands.

It was here that the singer from Bologna liked to stay and it was precisely the Apulian archipelago that allowed him to write some of his most famous hits.

"How deep is the sea", for example, refers to these islands, so the houses that Dalla owned in Tremiti can only be special.

His real estate properties, to be precise, a villa in San Domino and one in San Nicola are now for sale through the agency Guidobaldi Luxury Properties, a unique opportunity not only for those looking for a summer residence, but a part authentic history surrounded by the Adriatic Sea.

Villa in San Domino, an estate surrounded by greenery

Immersed in Cala Matano – one of the most beautiful beaches of the archipelago – the villa on the island of San Domino is surrounded by nature which cannot fail to inspire with its fascinating characteristics. The property is surrounded by a 1650 square meter park where nature alternates with landscapes that leave you speechless.

Casa Lucio Dalla 3
Casa Lucio Dalla 3

The villa is spread over three floors and consists of a living room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The style that runs through all the rooms is reminiscent of the sea and characteristic colors such as blue in all its shades. We find this shade in the floors, which with their shiny decoration recreate the sea surface. Large windows and a large terrace at the top of the house make the individual rooms bright, without forgetting the choice of white color.

A color that releases energy and calmness at the same time and that goes with everything, which is why the furnishings - like the color of the walls - were chosen in this shade. The furnishings themselves have a minimal style that is appropriate for a seaside home surrounded by the beauty that the surrounding landscape has to offer.

Casa Lucio Dalla 4
Casa Lucio Dalla 4

Inside the villa there is also a recording room where the Bolognese singer-songwriter created the album "Luna Matana". What makes the property even more fascinating is the terrace with sunbeds and artwork, the ideal place to relax, not to mention the history that characterizes the island.

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The Villa of San Nicola is an architectural gem

The San Domino property was not Lucio Dalla's only residence on the Tremiti Islands. The singer-songwriter also had a house located on the island of San Nicola near the church that gave the island its name.

The property is located within the Abbey of Santa Maria a Mare built in 1200 and which can still be defined as a true architectural gem today.

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Here you can breathe the history of the structure in every corner, thanks to the solutions created by the famous architect Camerini, which improved the surroundings. The property, which was originally part of an abbey, has retained some features of the place inside, such as holy water. As soon as you cross the threshold you are greeted by an open space with an open kitchenette. To ensure the setting is unique, there are three large windows that look directly onto the cape overpass and exposed brick arches.

Finally, the sleeping area is exposed and consists of two wooden and glass mezzanines from which you can admire the whole house and which most likely contributed to the inspiration of Lucio Dalla.

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