"War" in the prison of Guayaquil

war in the prison of Guayaquil
war in the prison of Guayaquil

18:02 30/09/2021

Fight between drug gangs, 116 killed and 80 injured

At least 116 dead and dozens more injured is the balance of a fierce clash between rival groups in the prison of Guayaquil in Ecuador, one of the worst events ever recorded in the country's prisons. It is considered as such since there are also 5 prisoners among the dead, whose heads were cut off by rivals, according to the authorities.

The authorities said that the prisoners also had weapons, while they also threw grenades at each other. President Guilermo Lasso declared a state of emergency in the prison system, where apart from the guards, the army was also engaged to quell the unrest in the prison of Guayaquil.

Instigators of violence are Mexican groups, including the famous Sinaloa cartel. The authorities say that they are asking their Ecuadorian collaborators to take control of the cocaine and other narcotics trafficking routes that are produced in Ecuador, where the involvement of Albanian traffickers has often come to the fore.

The battle has also extended to prisons to kill the leaders of rival groups. For riots, the big cartels also use the overcrowding of Ecuadorian prisons, which have exceeded the Mexican capacities by 30%.  

TV Klan

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