Louise Aylli Biography

Louise Aylli Biography

  • Birthplace:
  • Shkodër Albania
  • Lives and operates in:
  • Albania Albania
  • Age:
  • 37 years old
  • Birthday:
  • 12 July 1985
  • Horoscope sign:
  • ♋ The crab

Luiz Ejlli is a well-known singer. Luiz Ejlli between 1991 and 2002 he attended "Prenk Jakova" high school in Shkodër. In 1995, he won the best prize at the "National Children's Voice Festival" in Shkodër. In 1998, he participated as a soloist in the "Chorus repertory Gold", in Shkodër. In 1999, he was a soloist (tenor) in the "Prenk Jakova" choir in Shkodër Polyphonic. Luiz came to fame in Albania when he participated and won the Albanian version of "Idol" in Tirana.

Louise Ailey

Luiz Ejlli is among the contestants who have gained wide popularity in "Big Brother". There are many of his fans, who have supported him both on social networks and with their presence outside the house. The story of the singer from Shkodran has made followers for him, describing him as a brave and very smart boy. On the other hand, the singer himself has spoken about his life, which, it must be said, has had many ups and downs. From the very beginning of the edition, he started to appear as a simple man, not mentioning his education and achievements until he had to tell about his life in a game that was given to him.

He surprised all the residents when he told them that he is a lawyer, that he had worked as a notary and had his own office where he worked for several years, he was also a diplomat in France, while he represented Albania in "Eurovision" as a singer. This has made him admired by the public as a man with many achievements in life, but who likes to be very simple, even in a conversation with Olta he said that if he wins the award he will buy a house because it is for rent. But, in a video circulating on the social network "Tik Tok", it is said that Luizi has a lot of wealth where he owns three houses, one in his hometown in Shkodër, one in France where he lived for several years and a house in Tirana where lived recently.

After leaving France, he found a job at OSHE, making him stay on rent in Tirana as well. The only apartment he has is in Shkodër, and it is precisely a joint property he has with his family members. It is about the house where the singer was born and grew up in Shkodër. As for the luxury cars that are presented, they seem to be far from his reality. This is due to the fact that in Tirana we have seen Luiz on foot more often than in a vehicle. As for his movements in Paris, the cars were the property of the state, since Louis held an important post in the embassy, ​​he had the right to use them. But, after leaving his job in Paris, Luizi decided to make his life as a notary in Tirana.


Even here, his steps have not been easy. After he succeeded in having his own office, it seems that the work was not going well, so his license was revoked, as he had not exercised his seal for many years. From life as an artist and then a diplomat, Luiz had to adapt to his new skin as a notary. Not being able to enter this market and staying away from his friends and colleagues in this field, Luizi has released the office he rented for his business a few months ago.

After the good life he led as a diplomat in Paris, the artist from Shkodra faced great economic difficulties in Tirana. All alone, since the rest of his family is in the USA, Luiz had to start a job at KESH, but it must be said that he has already lost this job as well. The singer Luiz Ejlli, before becoming part of the television format, worked as a high-level specialist in the Albanian Electricity Corporation with a salary of less than 1 million old lek. He spoke about this episode at the BBV house before the contradictory statement that put the Albanian people in a dilemma.

Ejlli declares that KESH has changed its mind about granting permission while he was supposed to be a participant in BBV2 and has called him again to tell him that they cannot grant him permission for fear that it might spoil their image. At that moment, the singer confesses that he left.

"I signed the contract with 'Top' and two days before I entered the network, they called me and told me that we cannot give the permission because they told me that 'you can spoil our image'. In what sense did I say it spoils your image? Because you can act stupid, like a donkey, because you can become a problem and when you get out of there you will come to work here and they will say 'he who did that, works in KESH. And I said 'ok' I'm not spoiling your image", declared Ejlli in front of the cameras, declaring that he is already unemployed.

In his own statements, Luizi has stated that "Big Brother" is the last attempt he is making to fix his life in Tirana, if he would eventually leave for the USA. And I told myself go in and focus on the game. I had racked my brain, I wanted to close this thing here, let it go, and depending on how it went here, I would decide for my life outside. Would I stay in Albania or go to America? I said that if I didn't go to 'Big Brother', I had planned to end it with Albania, completely. I would never go back. I would do another 'restart' there. And I shared my mind. Now when I came in here, here where I'm sitting was Kiara and when I saw her 'live' it was something else. Kiara has exceeded my expectations, because I had predicted many things. Even when I liked it, I didn't know that I would like it so much that I wouldn't fall asleep. I was thinking about her", said Luizi during a conversation with Kristin.

On the other hand, Kiara himself has told her that there is nothing outside, neither job, nor money, nor house, saying that for her everything will be outside all over again. But it seems that he still does not know that outside the house, Louis is made of the most beloved images. There are many business leaders who have prepared huge contracts for the "Big Brother" competitor, proposing sums that could change their lives.

In 2004, Luiz Ejlli was announced as the winner of Friday Fever 2.

In December 2004, Luiz Ejlli participates in the 43rd RTSH Festival with the song "Hena Dhe Yjet Dashurojne".

In September 2005, Luiz Ejlli participates in Mikrofoni I Artë 2005 with the song "Mengjes".

In December 2005, Luiz Ejlli participates in the 44th RTSH Festival with the song "Cold Fire" and wins. He represents Albania in Eurovision 2006, but failed to pass the semi-final stage. Luiz Ejlli was the first male in the competition who represented Albania for the first time with a song in the Albanian language.

In September 2006, Rudi participates in Mikrofoni I Artë 2006 with the song "Per Nje Vajze Qe Di Te Doje", in collaboration with Luiz Ejlli & XXL.

In December 2008, Juliana Pasha & Luiz Ejlli participate in the 47th RTSH Festival with the song "Nje Jete".

In November 2010, Juliana Pasha & Luiz Ejlli participate in the Magical Song 2010 with the song "Sa E Shite Zemren", where they were awarded the Critics' Award. In this festival, they manage to collect 697 points voted by the artists of this festival, for which they were awarded with the first prize.

On September 15, 2011, Luiz Ejlli releases the video clip "Illusion". The music video was produced by Pulla. With this song, Luiz Ejlli participates in the Albanian Clip Nights 11 in 2012.

In December 2013, Luiz Ejlli participates in the 52nd RTSH Festival with the song "Back".

In December 2015, Luiz Ejlli participates in the 54th RTSH Festival with the song "Pa Mbarim".

In December 2017, Luiz Ejlli & Rezarta Smaja take part in the 56th RTSH Festival with the song "Ra One Star".

On February 14, 2023, Luiz Ejlli releases the video clip "Me Ty". The song was composed by Elgit Doda. Luiz Ejlli has managed to create a song dedicated to Kiara inside the "Big Brother" house, as a gift for Valentine's Day. The verses dedicated to Kiara, as they describe the feeling that the singer has for the moderator, with whom he met and connected in the famous house.

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