Marin Mema builds a memorial to honor the martyrs!

With the initiative of the journalist Marin Mema, a memorial has been erected near the Surreli area in Tirana which commemorates the first groups that were trained militarily in an organized form, with the aim of liberating Kosovo. These groups were prepared 33 years ago by the soldiers of the Albanian army where Adem Jashari, Sali Çekaj, Zahir Pajaziti, Ilaz Kodra, today martyrs, participated in the training.

Many dignitaries from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia participated in the occasion ceremony.

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The former President of the Republic of Albania, Alfred Moisiu, has described this initiative as very important, which, according to him, strengthens identity and commemorates history. For Mr. Moisiu, strengthening the bond with the nation is a necessity, even more so among the younger generations.

Meanwhile, on behalf of the officers of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania, who trained these groups 33 years ago, former soldier Ylli Mici emphasized that the sacrifices of the martyrs should not be forgotten.

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"Remembering and honoring them remains an obligation", emphasized Mici in the speech of the occasion.

Messages during this activity were conveyed not only by the families of the martyrs, but also by the participants in these exercises such as Mr. Osman Ferizi.

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Likewise, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo in Albania, Mr. Skender Durmishi.

A bronze eagle stands on the 5-meter high memorial, which is located near the ward where the military training took place 33 years ago.

This work was carried out with the support of ordinary Albanians, thus enabling the capital city to become a strong symbol of unity, as the project's initiator and implementer, Top Channel journalist Marin Mema, called it.

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"It's time for us to feel strong as Albanians, that's why this memorial was very important for us, to understand that we are all together, that we should all be together, that we should never be separated, regardless of unfair history that has been trying all along to keep us that way. Therefore, we who are alive today must know how to respect the memory of the martyrs, put our feet firmly on the ground and understand that their blood is sacred. We must humble ourselves with respect to the work of the martyrs," Marin Mema said, among other things, in his speech.

Mema thanked all the supporters of this project, among whom a special thanks was given to Mr. Lazim Destani, as one of the supporters of this work.

The Jashari, Çekaj, Pajaziti, Kodra, Hoxha and Qerimi families took part in the ceremony, as did former soldiers, diplomats, and well-known figures from various fields.

Tirana will now have its own place to honor the freedom martyrs Adem Jashari, Zahir Pajazit, Sali Çekaj, Ilaz Kodra, etc.

This memorial has been erected in a place where before there was no sign to commemorate this history.

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