"Measure with the domino effect", the Netherlands on alert from Albanian drug clans. Prosecutor: The perpetrators often have Italian or Greek documents

Gang wars and murders are rocking the Netherlands, and criminal clans are infiltrating social systems with large-scale cocaine and marijuana deals. There is a huge network behind it, says Dutch public prosecutor Peter Huttenhuis. The security authorities now want to crack down on this with a sort of domino effect.

According to the public prosecutor, behind the drug manufacturers is a large drug cartel, which is mainly run by Albanians: "The actors often have fake Italian or Greek identification documents". They were able to easily obtain residence permits from the immigration authorities. It was only through Basalt's investigation that the fraud was discovered and the police were able to take further action against the cartel. Police tactics: Like a game of dominoes, a successful investigation leads to new approaches for investigators.

Meanwhile, the gangs are also carrying out their clan feuds in public. A rapid increase in explosive attacks in the drug community is causing great concern for the Dutch police. In the first six months alone, there were over 300 home attacks. Criminals use firebombs and explosives like those used to blow up open ATMs. Security circles say it's a miracle there have been no deaths yet.

There have been repeated explosions recently, especially in Rotterdam. Criminal clans, mostly related to gangs in Morocco or Albania, are very active there. The port of Rotterdam is the largest in Europe and drug transactions are also carried out here. The Netherlands is considered a center for the trafficking of marijuana, crack and cocaine.

According to According to the EU Drug Observatory (EMCDDA), the country is one of the most important cocaine import points in Europe, along with Spain and Belgium. Just in August, investigators in Rotterdam discovered eight tons of cocaine among bananas from Ecuador in a container, the largest single find in Dutch history.

The margin for cocaine is particularly high. According to experts, one kilogram costs around 2,000 euros in Latin America, the resale value in Europe is 30,000 euros and more. There is a lot of money and power involved for the cartels, so much so that the criminals do not shy away from brutal violence. In July 2021, the assassination of Dutch crime journalist Peter de Vries caused shockwaves. He was shot dead in the center of Amsterdam. The killing is said to be related to a trial against suspected drug lord Ridouan Taghi and de Vries was an adviser to the main witness.

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