"With 96.000 euros, they broke the accounts with him", as an anonymous letter in SHISH warned the father of the missing 10-year-old and the connection with the assassination of Skerdilajd Konomi: In the house of 'Lleshi' you will find...

with 96 euros they stole the accounts with him as an anonymous letter in a bottle warned the father of the missing 000-year-old and the connection with the assassination of Skerdilajd Konomi in the house of
with 96 euros they stole the accounts with him as an anonymous letter in a bottle warned the father of the missing 000-year-old and the connection with the assassination of Skerdilajd Konomi in the house of

The show "In the Saint" has returned to the story of the disappearance without a trace of 10-year-old Julian Çela more than a decade ago. The child was in an internet center when he was called by someone and since then nothing is known about his fate.

Excerpts from the documentary:

 In this letter, the sender, who has remained anonymous, also mentioned the murder of the SHISH officer in Durrës, Isa Çopa, which happened in October 2011, in the interim period of the murder of the judge Skerdilajd Konomi and the kidnapping and disappearance one year then of Julian Çela, the son of the deputy director in the Counter-Terrorist Directorate at SHISH, Skënder Çela, who was said to be intensively investigating the possible murder of his SHISH colleague in Durrës, Isa Çopa. The prosecution is convinced that the event at the end of October, 13 years ago, is not a suicide, but a typical mafia murder. Provided, why not, by a trained hand, who tried not only to leave no traces of the crime, but also to make believe that the act was a sabotage of the victim himself.

As the authors took care, as in a perfect crime, to make their version of suicide as believable as possible, to send a message to the phone of their victim's son. Where, according to the investigative file provided by the show 'On target', the car with its charred body was found at 00.30, early morning on October 25, 2011. In the place called 'Bisht Kallm' in the area of ​​Currilaw. Only a few hours after he turned out to be missing. And where all the attention of the investigative group was focused on his work as the Head of the Counterintelligence Branch at the Durrës Branch of the Intelligence Service, where he had been working for years.

"When our friend Isai (Isa Çopa) was collecting strong evidence against them, they found out that he was handcuffing you and they only needed 96.000 euros to settle the accounts with him, which they burned in the car. And as soon as they found out that you were dealing with investigations, they organized the kidnapping of your son (Julian), in order to disorient them. What I want to tell you Skender is to be careful because they want to kill you just like Isa Chopa. In the house of 'Lleshi' you will find your son's pendant and one of his t-shirts. And Isai's killers are his friends, two from Durrës, one from Shijak, the other from Tirana. Ask Ardian Prrenjsi once who did he hand it over to? How much money did they give him to kidnap Julian?" it is said in the letter.

But was it really the investigation that Julian Çela's father, Skënder Çela, had undertaken to clarify the truth of his colleague Isa Çopa, who is said to have been betrayed by the structure within SHISH, that led to the kidnapping of his son his. Although 11 years have passed since the macabre murder of the senior leader of the State Intelligence Service in Durrës, even today the Albanian state, the one that should have been most interested in solving this crime, still does not have a name on who the perpetrators are. of this event. Meanwhile, since 2013, even though the case passed to the Prosecution of Serious Crimes, it seems that the file was not given the dignity it deserved.

Could it be the same group that staged the murder of Isa Çopa as a suicide, and burned his car, that may have carried out the kidnapping of Julian Çela. But even though this letter might have its reservations in terms of veracity, the suspicions are that the investigations were deliberately delayed in time and also diverted to give it a different direction, different from the truth. While many security cameras in the area were not taken into account, which could have given a clearer picture of what happened that morning of November 30, 2012, with Julian Çela.

After Julian's disappearance, the family did not receive any phone calls or messages about the boy. Similarly, his father, Skenderi, a senior official at SHISH, had not received any threats, despite the files he had in his hands. For a long time, the family also kept open the two addresses used by Juliani on Facebook. With the thought that someone would write to these addresses. But at no time did there come even a reaction that could help Julian's fate. But what can further clarify this serious event, the kidnapping of a child, and moreover of a high state functionary.

Should this event pass today, SPAK, as the only institution that has the specialized opportunities and tools to shed light on this history. But also with many others related to it. And what do his family members still know, that they haven't told, that could give a new dynamic to the investigation. Should the murder of Isa Çopa be reopened at the same time, as one of the files that can lead to new paths of investigation. Although the remote time of the occurrence of the event seems to have wrapped up the evidence, but not for justice, which can at any time find a piece of evidence left somewhere, which may be a spark to ignite a new light of hope for family members. Who even today continue not to consider their child lost. But they are waiting with their eyes for a gate which can be opened at any moment. That can be the new justice. Which has shown in quite a few cases that even events forgotten by time can be brought out of the ashes, and put those responsible in front of the dock.

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