"Film me idiot!"/ Fight broke out on the plane: I'm famous on Instagram

21:36 18/09/2023

A fight with the passengers made a woman leave the "American Airlines" plane shortly before the flight.

The video where the young woman argues with the plane's staff, as well as other passengers, has been published on social networks. As she drags the suitcases, she shouts out loud: "I'm famous on Instagram, film me idiot!"

"I have done nothing wrong", she adds. Meanwhile, another passenger asks him to be silent in an insulting way: Shut that mouth, motherfucker!

As the young woman leaves the board, the passengers laugh at her.

"NY Post" writes that the woman in the clip is Morgan Osman. She has close to a million followers on Instagram, and after this incident, apparently, the numbers will increase.

Osman has also been part of the reality show "Bad Girls Club", and there are even rumors that she had a romantic relationship with Britney Spears' ex-husband, Sam Ashgari.

This is not the only video that is making the rounds on the network, footage inside the plane has already become a trend, from fights to comical situations./tvklan.al

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