The "Sky ECC" mega process, 8 years in prison in Belgium are required for the Albanian Deljana Nebiu, her connections with...

the sky ecc mega process demands 8 years in prison in Belgium for the Albanian Deljana Nebiu, her connections with
the sky ecc mega process demands 8 years in prison in Belgium for the Albanian Deljana Nebiu, her connections with

The "Sky ECC" trial for the 128 defendants of an international cocaine trafficking organization continued at the Brussels Criminal Court in Belgium. In the next session, an 8-year prison sentence was requested in absentia for the wanted Albanian, Deljana Nebiu, a relative of the Albanian with the Colombian surname Eridan Munoz Guerrero.

The correct name of the defendant is Deljana Nebiu, according to an extract from the Criminal Code, where it is reflected that Eridan Guerrero was a partner in a business in Vlora, while in an article by the Belgian media "Le Soir", he is also named Eridan Nebiu, considered one of the leaders of the criminal organization.

According to the public prosecutor, this Albanian woman with an international arrest warrant was aware of his activity and helped his criminal organization, especially by being represented by a lawyer. Even in a conversation with Eridan Munoz Guerrero, she asks to "put money on the table" to release him, then arrested in a drug case. To which his friend replied that "we cannot corrupt the state" in Belgium.

After his arrest, the 30-year-old organized her own escape to Spain via Montpellier, according to the federal prosecutor's statement.

"She doesn't want to take the plane and avoids the Paris highway because of the frequent checks," he emphasized.

"Why avoid checks if you have nothing to hide?".

According to foreign media, the young woman lived a luxurious life, wearing designer clothes, or traveling to different countries and staying in 5-star hotels.

According to the investigation, it is said that there is complete conviction that she knew about the narcotic substance.

The prosecutor of the case requested 8 years in prison, 800 thousand euros fine as well as the loss of rights in Belgium for 10 years and the prohibition of the administration of a company for the same period.

Meanwhile, in March 2023, as part of the "Filter" operation, SPAK seized 18 real estates (apartments, plots of land, service units, garages and warehouses), located mainly in the "Uji i frje" district, Vlorë and Durrës, as and 4 vehicles of different types, which are suspected to have been taken advantage of by the citizen Eridan Guerrer and his family members, due to the criminal activities of the 51-year-old.

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