"Mercenaries should be cautious, the result can be catastrophic"/ The Chechen leader reveals the conversation with Prigozhin: His arrogance, dangerous!

Chechen leader Ramzhan Kadyrov has accused Yevgeny Prigozhin of "arrogance". He also warned that this characteristic of his is extremely dangerous.

In a Telegram post after the announcement of the agreement to end Wagner's rebellion, the Chechen leader claimed that the reason for Prigozhin's actions was anger.

According to Kadyrov, the mercenary leader's anger over a series of failed business deals is the reason for the armed rebellion he organized.

Kadyrov, a longtime supporter of Putin, also said he had previously advised Prigozhin to "put aside" his grievances, but his advice fell on deaf ears: "I spoke to Prigozhin, I encouraged him to not to mix his business ambitions with matters of national importance. I thought he had heard me, but as we saw, his anger was growing more and more as time went by.

Kadyrov called on the mercenaries to make their decisions wisely, otherwise the result could be "catastrophic".

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