"Approve funds for Ukraine", White House urgent warning to Congress: Without US help, the counteroffensive cannot continue

"Approve funds for Ukraine", White House urgent warning to Congress: Without US help, the counteroffensive cannot continue
approve funds for Ukraine, the White House urgently warns Congress that without the help of the United States, the counteroffensive cannot continue

President Biden's administration sent an urgent warning to Congress on Monday about the need to approve tens of billions of dollars in military and economic aid for Ukraine, saying that without these funds, Kiev's fighting against Russia may not be able to continue.

In a publicly released letter to House and Senate leaders, Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young warned that at the end of this year, the United States will run out of funds to sent arms and aid to Ukraine, adding that doing so would "cut off the knees" of Ukrainians on the battlefield.

She added that the United States has run out of funds it used to support Ukraine's economy and "if Ukraine's economy collapses, Ukraine will not be able to continue fighting. We're out of money, but we're almost out of time," she wrote.

President Biden has asked Congress to approve a nearly $106 billion aid package that includes aid to Ukraine, Israel and other needs, but has faced a tough backlash in the Capitol, where skepticism is growing over the level of aid to Kiev. Even Republicans who support the aid package are insisting on changing policies to stop the flow of immigrants at the US-Mexico border as a condition for its approval.

Meanwhile, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has approved an aid package only for Israel, which is fighting Hamas in Gaza. The White House has maintained that all funds must be approved.

Congress has already approved $111 billion in aid for Ukraine, including $67 billion in arms funding, $27 billion to support the economy and $10 billion in humanitarian aid.

Ms. Yound says that all of this funding, with the exception of 3 percent of the armaments fund, has been used up since the end of November.

President Biden's administration has said that in recent weeks it has slowed the pace of military aid to Kiev in order to last until Congress approves other funds.

"We have no more money to support Ukraine in this war. This is not a problem for next year. The time to help democratic Ukraine fight Russian aggression is now. It is time for Congress to act,” Ms. Young wrote.

The letter comes after defense and national security officials briefed top House and Senate leaders in a closed-door meeting Nov. 29 on the need to approve the aid package.

The meeting comes as Congress is embroiled in debate over the nearly $106 billion aid package President Biden has sought, which includes $61 billion in funds for Ukraine, but is being blocked by Republican demands to change security policies in the US-Mexico border./ VOA

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