Strange weather/ After powerful fires, the island of Sicily is hit by hail the size of a tennis ball


A strong storm with rain and hail has hit San Biaggio Platani, in the Agrigento area of ​​the Italian island of Sicily.

"We had hail that destroyed half of the city and caused great damage to olive fields and pistachio plantations," wrote the mayor of the city, Salvo Cocini.

The size of the hail reached a record size, with chunks of ice the size of a tennis ball. Civil Defense officers are checking for possible damage.

Residents have been advised not to leave their homes, as a result of the bad weather and the powerful storm that hit this Italian city.
As reported earlier, at least two people lost their lives in the fire that hit the Italian island - Sicily.

Italian media reports that the 68-year-old man died during the evacuation from his house in Trapeto, Palermo, while the second victim is a 42-year-old woman near the city of Cefalu, who died while trying to save the horses from the stable.

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