Albania's group matches make three giants happy. England, France and the Netherlands qualify without playing

Albania's group matches make three giants, England, France and Holland qualify without playing

Today's matches of Albania's Group B have also decreed the qualification of Italy in the second place of this group, in addition to that of Spain, which had secured it in the second matches.


But in parallel with the blue, three other teams have also enjoyed at the same time. England, France and the Netherlands have enjoyed the final ranking in our group, having secured their participation in the next stage.

Thanks to the ranking of the group where Croatia has no more than 2 points, all three of these representatives are sure that they will finish their group at least in third place no matter how the last matches are divided and they will qualify among the third best.

Thus, for them the last matches will be only to learn which position they will have within the respective group without the stress of qualification.


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