He lit a fire for burning garbage in Kashar, but the flames spread, the 53-year-old man was arrested

Structures of Police Station No. 6, after receiving the notification that there was a fire in the village of Kashar, they made it possible to identify and escort the suspected arsonist to the police station.

Following the actions, the citizen OM, 55 years old, a resident of Kashar, was arrested, who today lit a fire to burn the waste on his land, and the fire got out of control and as a result of the spread of the flames, a surface was burned. land with olives and different plants.

The Local Directorate of the Tirana Police appeals to all residents not to light fires under any circumstances, as they will face the law.

The police invite citizens to report to the number 112, for any case of arson or illegality, guaranteeing anonymity and a quick and impartial response.

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