"We are ready" - The French far-right leader presents the platform, Jordan Bardella: We will limit immigration and...

we are ready the french leader of the extreme right presents the platform jordan bardella we will limit immigration and

French far-right leader Jordan Bardella has said his party is ready to govern as he unveiled pledges to limit immigration and remove citizenship rights for children born and raised in France to foreign parents.

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"In three words: we are ready", the 28-year-old president of the "National Rally" declared on Monday as he promised to "restore faith in France and its greatness".

In a broad policy platform, Bardella has said he will cut energy taxes to help people make ends meet, ban cell phones in all schools, and prevent dual nationals from taking some strategic jobs. in the security or defense sector, which will be reserved for French citizens, The Guardian reports.

The mood was high as Bardella gathered senior party officials and journalists in a pink marble-walled, gold-framed setting in Paris's 8th arrondissement.

Many of the officials had spent the weekend canvassing constituencies across France after centrist President Emmanuel Macron called snap elections when his party was defeated by the National Rally in European elections held from June 6-9. .

Some senior figures in Marine Le Pen's party said that in towns and villages they were seeing support for the far right that exceeded even their expectations and signaled a clear rejection of the current president, Emmanuel Macron.

"We are the only alternative. We are reliable, responsible and respect French institutions," Bardella said as he sought to convince voters that his party, once attacked by its political opponents as unproven and incompetent in the economy, was now the only one to be trusted. the budget.

"Seven long years of Macronism have weakened the country," he added, blaming the current government for France's public debt.

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