"There was a military attack in Kosovo, beyond terrorism", former minister Lleshaj: Albania does not have the luxury of being indifferent, the Rama-Kurti tension...

in kosovo there was a military attack beyond terrorism ex-minister lleshaj Albania no longer has the luxury of being indifferent tension rama kurti
in kosovo there was a military attack beyond terrorism ex-minister lleshaj Albania no longer has the luxury of being indifferent tension rama kurti

The former Minister of the Interior, Sandër Lleshaj, invited to the studio of the show "This Week" on News24, commented on the recent events in Kosovo, where he specifically focused on the Serbian aggression in Banjska.

He said that what happened in the North of Kosovo is similar to what happened in 2014 in Crimea when Russia annexed this territory from Ukraine.

According to him, this aggression of the Serbian group was beyond terrorism, describing it as "a real military attack".

As for Albania's position on Kosovo, Lleshaj said that the country should understand its role well, since according to him, it does not have the luxury of being indifferent to Pristina.

He added that the tension between Prime Ministers Rama and Kurti should not exist, as Albania "must support Kosovo", despite

"There are similarities with what happened in Crimea in 2014. For me it is beyond terrorism, it is worse than that. This was a real military attack that didn't work. Killing a policeman is not terrorism. The attack was ill-defined. Its essence is little more.

The EU is still unable to even recognize Kosovo as an independent state as long as there are still member states that do not recognize it. KFOR does not take permission from anyone for the area it controls in Kosovo. I see no added value other than rhetoric in Rama's request for them.

KFOR deserves criticism for how it can be indifferent to such a military arsenal inside Kosovo, which I don't believe is the only one. Albania must understand well the role it has. We do not have the luxury to behave indifferently towards Kosovo. Kosovo knows what it wants, no one but them can know. Our role is to support them. Albania only has the duty to ask what they need and then help them

Albania could only help them by supporting them, for better or for worse. the tension between Rama and Kurt should not exist. Kosovo must go from behind in this journey. Even if they choose the wrong path. We do not know better than they about this circumstance. Kosovo does not suffer for talent, but for power. Even the draft effort was useless, because no one suffers from the lack of a draft.

The main impasse is the discussion between Kosovo and Serbia to end the war. Serbia has opened the war in its Constitution. Vucic does not deserve any public bonus from any Albanian politician, which he has received. He is a former minister of Milosevic and an open supporter of Putin. With these identities, he does not deserve any bonus even from the Euro-Atlantic community", he said.

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